What exactly is Phlipped Fashions?

Phlipped Fashions.

Phlipped Fashions is my clothing line that I created back in my college days as a school project.  I was actually working at Davids Bridal at the time and talking with a co-worker and I said ” I wish you could flip clothes like people flip a house!”  And in that moment Phlipped Fashions was born.  How does one flip clothing you ask, good questions.  Flipping clothing is pretty much reconstructing it.  Finding something that you no longer utilize and recreating it into something else.  It saves you money cause instead of buying something brand new, you are just recycling what you already have.  I came to the conclusion that I have been doing that my whole life anyways so why not make a business out of it.

So at this point I have a great title and a great idea.  What do I do next.  Well, the obvious choice would be to create clothing.  And that’s exactly what I did.  I went to the local goodwill and got whatever I thought I could reconstruct and I got to it.  Below are some pictures of earlier “Phlip’s”

These were my first’s and I was very proud of them.  But the more I designed the more I realized I didn’t know who I was designing for.  Who is wearing the clothing, what is her personality, what does she like to do.  I had to continuously rediscover who my true target market is.

In 2013 I made a GIANT leap and moved to Columbus, OH.  A lot of my friends asked (and still ask) “why Ohio…nothing is out there but the Cav’s and OSU and they’re our competitor.” And after extensive research I found that Columbus is the 3rd largest city for fashion.  It houses not only major fashion brands like the Limited brands, Abercrombie and Fitch and Zulily but there are multiple platforms for designers (like myself) to make an name for myself.  And besides, who doesn’t like a fresh start.  The first show I did as a designer in Columbus was Alternative Fashion Week.  I will continue to shout them out in everything I do because they gave a no name girl from West Grove, Pennsylvania a platform to make a name for herself.  And that is exactly what I tried to do.  Yes, I said tried because again I didn’t know who I was designing for so my collection made NO SENSE WHAT SO EVER!!!  Like I wish someone would’ve pulled me aside and said “you may not want to show that…like ever”.  But hey, it was my first real fashion show.  Check it out yourself:

Now, don’t get me wrong, these models killed it and I had a blast showing these looks.  But looking back now I ask myself “who is this Phlipped Fashions girl and what is she doing with her life.  Where is she going, to the country club?”  After this collection I had to take a long hard look into who I wanted to design for and what it was I wanted to do.

Phlipped Fashions is a clothing line that is for the every day girl.  You have tomboy tendencies but honey you know how to rock a pair of heels when the time comes.  You want to be fashionable but yet functional.  You do not want to be wearing an outfit that someone else could potentially have.  Everything is one of a kind, will never be duplicated.  How can I guarantee that?  Because half the time when I design, I design for the woman themselves and fit the garment to their body.  I hardly never use a pattern, and if I do, its extremely altered and tossed once i’m done.

The following shows that I have done have been way better because I found the girl I was designing for and haven’t been happier.

I even planned (along with my favorite Mobster Jeffery Steele) a show called Re[DEFI]ned fashions.  I can honestly say that my clothing has evolved from my first photo shoot till now.  And I couldn’t be any prouder to be a designer here in Columbus, OH!!!



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