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Fashionably Pregnant by Zoe Bixby

Who says moms to be cannot be fashionable? Sure, nine months of un-comfortableness isn’t exactly a huge motivator to want to be fashionable while pregnant. However, with these celeb inspirations, and easy, comfortable clothing options, it’s going to seem a lot easier to accomplish.

Most mommy’s to be aren’t exactly in the mood to sit and stare at their closet wondering what to throw on for the day. That is why we have decided to come up with a list as to what you need in your maternity closet, which should make things a breeze when it comes to choosing your daily outfit. Comfort is obviously the number one factor to maternity clothing. You don’t want to be wearing skin tight dresses, or skinny jeans that cut off your circulation. You want to show off that glowing baby bump off, but in a subtle way. So, here we go. Look over this list, and all of your questions will be answered.

The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is a necessity in every woman’s closet, pregnant or not. A maxi dress is so chic, and comfortable. The two main things you need your maternity garment to be, and it’s both! Showing off that baby bump in a classic maxi dress on a warm summer day, will be giving all of the other pregnant women inspiration to go out and find their own maxi dress. Look at you, a trend setting mommy.

The Wrap Dress

The classic wrap dress is something everybody loves. The material is always soft, and expandable, which is perfect for you! The dress is also something you can adjust to accentuate that beautiful bump, and show the world you’re one stylish mom. This is perfect when you and your man are going on a date, or even when it’s a girl’s brunch. It’s so versatile and should always be your go-to when you have an event to worry about.

Bold Prints

Bold prints are a lovely thing when it comes to showing off your curves. Every woman who is pregnant deserves to feel beautiful, because you are! What better way of feeling like a star, than showing the world you’re hot and you know it. Bold prints in tops matched with a cute, stretchy skirt with a classic sneaker is the way to go. Looking stylish, and sexy, your mom definitely did not look this good when she was pregnant with you.

It’s time to not only empower women that are pregnant, but also show them that you can still look amazing in this nine-month time span. It can be done so effortlessly, and because of that you can also feel amazing about it. Now, go on mommy to be, get your effortlessly chic maternity attire and work that pregnant belly!


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