We had a baby….it’s a boy!


Jamison DeCrise was born August 25th at 10:32 pm. Funny story is that his older sisters birthday is August 24th. So my children’s birthdays are back to back. Clearly my husband and I need hobbies in December.

So here is how it started:

I went into an appointment at my OB\GYN office for a routine NST (non stress test). At this point I have been 4cm dilated for a week and was over it. I was 37 weeks pregnant and MISERABLE. My OB offered to strip my membranes to help speed up the process. Now I know that sounds intense and trust me it was. Typical when you get your membranes stripped it can jump start labor within 24-48 hours. Not with my kids. My kids like to run out of me. The minute I left my appointment the contractions started happening. I went home and surprise there goes my mucus plug. Now when I have previously googled images of mucus plug it looked like a chunk of mucus. Nothing special. Not the case. (Insert really graphic imagery) Your mucus plug is like the blood clot you get at the end of your period mixed with mucus and way bigger. I felt so dirty as it was coming out. Like I felt like I was on my period. GROSS 😣😣. Now also leading up to this point I was having “contractions”. I use quotes cause what I thought were contractions were nothing compared to my actual contractions. Best way to describe it is pain in your lower back and uterus. It takes your breathe away and that’s how I knew it was the real deal. Decided to go to the hospital at 1pm ish and they monitored my contractions and checked my cervix for dilation. When I got to the hospital I was at 5cm. Over 2 hours I had progressed to 6cm and that is when they decided to admit me!! 🙂

The delivery

Once admitted they took me back to my delivery room which is HUGE!!!! My husband is on his phone (like always) and the nurses go ahead and call anesthesiology to give me that liquid goodness called an epidural. Boy once that epidural kicked in I felt AMAZING!!! I was able to snap chat and update my Facebook followers. They then went to break my water. It took some time to break my water, it took some time cause my cervix was so high still. But they got it done. Once my water broke it sped up the process. Then it was time to push. I pushed 9 times before my prince was here and perfect!!! And I didn’t feel a thing which at the time was the best part.

After delivery

A lot of people want to know, what happens after delivery. You have this gorgeous baby and no idea what to do next. I’m here to give you the honest truth.

  • Your boobs get HUGE: once that breast milk comes in your boobs are hard as rocks. Even the slightest tough hurts. They say to pump or self express a little to help baby latch on. At first when you pump you’ll only get like 1-2 oz out. But after a while you’ll be able to get more and that engorgement will go down.
  • HOLY HEMORRHOIDS: yes. They hurt. A LOT. like I was scared to poop the first week after delivering my son and they offered stool softeners but I can’t swallow pills so I had to tough it out. They offered tucks pads for the hemorrhoids and they are amazing. Use them.
  • Contracting while breastfeeding: Every time you feed, your uterus will contract back to its original size. The more kids you have the more it hurts. Like mine hurt so bad I vomited. But it only lasted a few days. All is good now.
  • Sleep. What is sleep: I highly recommend utilizing the nursery at the hospital cause once baby comes home with you, you’re never sleeping again. The first few nights at home I didn’t sleep. Baby wanted to feed every hour on the hour and since we’re breastfeeding I was the one who had to get up with him. Thankfully I can now get 3 hours straight at a time.
  • Your period is back: so clearly you’re going to bleed for a few “days” after delivery. I quote days cause that’s what they say but it’s a lie. I’ve learned that the more I do, the more I bleed. When I’m lazy, the bleeding stops. When I walk around the house or do a little activity the flood gates open. Literally. Take it from me. If you can rest in bed, do it. You just popped out a baby, rest up.
  • Back pain and other pain: when I pushed out my son I used muscles that I didn’t even know I had cause I couldn’t feel a thing. Days after I delivered I realized my back muscles were so sore from pushing and using those muscles. The amount of back pain and groin pain from pushing is CRAZY. It’s ridiculous what your body goes through to deliver a baby and the pain you have to deal with afterwards. All I can do is take pain medicine and hope it goes away. (I’ll keep you guys posted on that)
  • Visitors: you had a baby and everyone wants to visit him or her. Don’t feel obligated to have them in your house at once. It can be overwhelming. You’re finally home with a new member of your family and your house is PACKED. Insert minor panic attack. Lay some ground rules. One set of visitors at a time, set visiting hours at your home, kick people out when you’re tired. You come first and if you’re not up for visitors, it’s ok. When you’re up for them let them know.
  • Postpartum depression: this is a real thing and it happens and no one likes to talk about it. If you feel extra sad or down, tell your doctor. Women go through this every day and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. I suffer from anxiety prior to becoming pregnant and I’m just waiting for my hormones to drop to see if I’ll be affected by PPD or not. I know if it happens I’ll let my husband know and my doctor.

So that’s what I got so far!! I should have more time to update this blog so stay tuned and follow my journey into motherhood of 2 kids!! XoxoJen


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