What to expect when you’re expecting and the things you never expected you had to expect. 

Congrats!!!! You are pregnant 🙂

Its the most exciting time in your life and you want to scream it from the top of your lungs!!!  But if you are me when I was pregnant with my first, you probably went out and purchased all the “what to expect…” baby books and have a board on Pinterest about this exciting journey.  But just like me, there are things that your OB or those books don’t tell you that I wish they would’ve known about being pregnant.

Every pregnancy is different and this post isn’t meant to scare you.  But its to inform you how different everyone’s pregnancy can be and to give you a heads up on what you may expect that you NEVER thought you would.

1- Saliva….So Much Saliva

When I hit around 11-12 weeks with my daughter, I noticed that i had a lot of saliva in my mouth.  If I were to swallow it, it would make me vomit.  The only choice I had was to spit it out into a bottle that I have since named “Spitz”  The saliva lasted until AFTER I DELIVERED.  Note the frustration in my voice right now.  So optimistically with my second pregnancy I prayed that this issue didn’t happen again.  But of course, it did.  This time it hit me around 6 weeks.  6 WEEKS?!?!?!?!  Why??? Not everyone knew I was pregnant and now I have to walk around with a spit bottle.  Everyone at work thought I was chewing tobacco (and I work in a tobacco free work space).  I had to then explain to everyone that I’m not chewing tobacco and that I was actually pregnant and this was a symptom.  The look everyone gave me was like they didn’t believe me.  Like, why would I lie about this?? Think about it and google it.  Even my OB confirmed that when you have your second kid so close to your first, any symptoms you had previously come back cause your body remembers what happened last time.  No idea why it hit me and not other people I know.  Maybe its cause i’m black.  Like seriously!  The only people that I know who have dealt with it were African American women.  UGH. Thanks kids.

2- Always hungry or Nauseous…No in between

The first trimester for me was TORTURE.  Couldn’t eat anything but watermelon with my daughter and clementines with my second (its a boy BTW) .  Nothing sounded good until week 8 and then I didn’t know what I wanted.  But I know I wanted something.  Cant eat fast food (even now, i’m 17 weeks pregnant and the thought of a burger from McDonald’s makes me want to go vomit), loved green beans for a whole week straight but now the thought of it is not appetizing.  Its like you cant win.  Your either hungry or vomiting.  That’s how I was at least.  Then I have those friends that can go through their entire pregnancy and eat whatever they want and feel fabulous.  I hate you ladies. No offense.  Nothing personal, strictly jealously.

3-  Breast sensitivity and VEINS

My boobs look like an old school globe.  So many veins.  I could probably point out where the United States is on my boobs.  And to add to that, they get so sore and BIG.  Like my bra’s do not fit.  I even added an extender and that’s not enough.  I’m like a wide load over here.  So frustrating. I know i need to buy a new bra but I really don’t want to spend the money now just to have to buy one in a few weeks.  Guess i’m going to be letting the girls hang loose!

4- Migraines

Migraines are the worst when you are not pregnant but add a baby in your belly and you have a migraine its even worst.  Why?  Cause majority of the medicine that you can take for a regular migraine you cant take when you are pregnant.  Migraines can knock me on my ass for days and I just need to lay in the dark on the cold floor and keep the sunshine out.  When I get a migraine now I want to cry cause usually I could pop a Excedrin Migraine but now i’m S.O.L.  Luckily for me I can take a Tylenol and be o.k. but I do have a few friends that have had it so bad that they have to go to the ER to get an IV for meds.  Just remember to keep hydrated and that should limit the amount of headaches/migraines you have.  Some of them are unavoidable unfortunately, just keep your OB in the loop for the best treatment options.

5- Who’s Tired?!?!  Me, always Me.

Growing a child is EXHAUSTING.  Like if I could just sleep all day, I would.  I remember calling my husband from work crying cause all I wanted to do was sleep and I had hit my caffeine intake limit for the day.  If I would’ve known how EXHAUSTING it is to grow a baby I would’ve slept way more before I got pregnant.  Hey, at least my husband is getting a lot of sleep, right?!?!  That was COMPLETE SARCASM.  (insert eye roll emoji here).  And speaking of exhaustion, when you do get up, you get so dizzy from getting up so fast you have to sit back down.  You cant win.  Thanks kids, you’re amazing.

I could go on and on AND ON but i’ll stop there for today, here are some other AMAZING symptoms to look forward to in the first trimester:

Nasal Congestion (never had it personally, but my friend has and its TERRIBLE)

Cramps (you think these are bad, wait until round ligament pains happen)

Swelling (you blow up like a blimp)

Sciatic Nerve Pain (leg pain is the WORST)

Indigestion/Heart burn (dis is too much)

Sweating (I sweat everyone….even DOWN THERE)

Doubled blood flow (brush your teeth, insert blood, and minor freak out)

Constipation (I don’t always have to poop, but when I do its every 5 days and its the size of a skittle)

If you experience any other symptoms that you NEVER expected you would have to deal with during pregnancy, let me know your struggle so you don’t have to struggle alone.




One thought on “What to expect when you’re expecting and the things you never expected you had to expect. 

  1. I love it, you always, ALWAYS entertain me…. I do sympathize, I had morning sickness for the first trimester, probably up until about 14 weeks. Wake up, dry heave, for at least 15 minutes, brush teeth, feel nauseous, dry heave again. Every morning. It was not fun. Towards the end or the pregnancy, baby’s feet up in your solar plexis hurts like crazy, and having to wear pads because every time you cough, sneeze, or laugh really hard you pee yourself. It’s been 28 years since I’ve been pregnant, but I remember it all like it was yesterday. 🙂 Good luck!!! It really is all worth it.


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